Inspire and enable YOU to maintain a healthy MIND and BODY by getting fit and eliminating stress while having fun in an outdoor environment.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green Really is Good!

Why do we feel more relaxed and happy after we take a stroll in the park or sit under a tree to read a good book?

It's not "BOREophyll" as stated in Billy Madison...It's  Chlorophyll..... Actually not boring at all! 

Being around trees and nature does have actual physical and emotional benefits! 

According to an article in Psych Central:

"Health promotion specialists say green environments provide natural recreational and physical playscapes for all ages, enhancing fitness while relieving stress."

“In less green environments, we find higher rates of aggression, violence, violent crime, and property crime—even after controlling for income and other differences,” she said. “We also find more evidence of loneliness and more individuals reporting inadequate social support.”

Hiking with Heart intends to get people 

OFF the couch, OUT of their offices, and INTO NATURE 

for personal growth and health!! 

(That's A LOT of Green)

We like to change things up and try new avenues of being stay up to date for our next fun
"GREEN" Adventure! 

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References and Articles to Read!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

HWH at Lightning in a Bottle

This years LIB...Lightning in a Bottle was a transformational weekend for many! The energy was flowing, positive vibes going, and the music, workshops and speakers were GLOWING!!

Here are some of the highlights.....



1 GIANT MIND The massive group meditation research project will return with William Close of the Earth Harp – the worlds largest harp!

To be apart of this experience not only helped each individual become more centered and connected, but helped evolve our collective consciousness outward into the world!

Yoga Speakers Workshops

Douglas Campbell: Mindshare Lounge

Doug Campbell, curator of the event series Mindshare LA, held a series of short talks that unfold at the Mindshare Lounge.

Mindshare LA holds monthly workshops, salons and movie screenings that gather hundreds of Angelenos for evenings of inspiration and interaction. Our main, monthly salon event includes a curated program of short, eclectic presentations.

Over the years Mindshare has become a mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other progressive characters to broaden their perspective and find community in this vast city. Check out our upcoming events!

John Perkins: Dreaming a New World Economic Hit Man and the Prophecies 

Funny yes, bold yes, John Perkins spoke with us about a New World and how we can create and keep on creating it!

"John offers a plan for creating a world "that will make our children proud of us”; he encourages us to follow our passions, use our individual talents, and take actions that lead us along this exciting path to higher consciousness."

Evolver Series - Women in the Transformational Movement

Dream Rockwell, Shena Jade Jensen, Laura Bedrick, and Robin Gunkel will be led this talk.

Sound Healing:

Gongs, bells, chimes...and more! We felt the energy of the sound throughout our bodies and minds. Peak experiences happening and deep brain integration! This was super powerful!

Silent Frisco: (AMAZING)

SCENE. NOT HEARD These words exemplify the mission, challenge, and lifeblood of Silent Frisco.  This San Francisco-based crew of sonic missionaries turns impossible public performance challenges into powerful outpourings of free expression. We use cutting edge technology to enable artistic, political and educational expression in locations where “noise” has previously made such action impractical or illegal.

The Grand Artique: 
Fun, hilarious, enternatining....great folky bluegrass rock and roll to balance out all the AMAZING Electro music!


Each yoga class unique to fit any style festival goers were into! Great teachers and amazing energy in each class!

THE JENGA HOUSE! "Welcome to the Jenga house, the Jenga House" self formed group chanted as new people walked in! Freestyle rapping/chanting/singing followed. :)

LiB 5:1:13


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kicking Off Summer: Hike and Social

Sitting at TOM's Shoes the other day on Abbot Kinney, we met Natalie. Natalie just moved to Venice from New York and we struck up a funny conversation talking about everything from public transportation to Conan O'briens realization how karate was invented (a guy fighting off a swarm of bees). When she mentioned how 'spectacular the vegetation' is in Venice I suddenly became dumbfounded. Most of us have lived in a place long enough to take advantage of something special that place offers.

Take West LA for example, this place offers some of the best beaches and hiking trails in California. This summer is a chance for all of us to break out of our comfort zone and get into some things this city has to offer. Hiking with Heart strives to connect people who like the outdoors and want to continue a healthy active lifestyle. We like hiking and we are social people. Join us for a hike tomorrow followed by at Cafe Gratitude on Rose in Venice Beach.

You can sign up here or go to our facebook page to join the event tomorrow evening!

 Sunset Hike JUNE 5th (WEDNESDAY) Wednesday June 5th 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Temescal Canyon Gateway Park Pacific Palisades, CA 

join us after the hike for a drink and some food. Cafe Gratitude 512 Rose Ave, Venice Beach.

 Great way to meet new people, get outdoors and exercise! *Awesome views. Dogs allowed. Meet at the end of Temescal Rd (just past Sunset) where it dead ends into the Park. 

The group will meet at the first grass circle as you enter the park on your left with the large Tree in the middle. LOOK FOR HIKING WITH HEART SIGNS email with any questions!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laughter Yoga and Yogic Breathing for Better Heart Health

Today, on Yahoo News, an article was posted about the Worst Habits for your Heart.

Check out one of the tips below:

Having a Negative Attitude

While stress and depression have long been linked to higher heart disease risk, a new Harvard review of more than 200 earlier studies, published this month in Psychological Bulletin, highlights the benefits of turning that frown upside-down: An optimistic outlook may cut heart disease and stroke danger by 50 percent.
And while you may think that happy people are just healthier, the researchers found that the association between an upbeat attitude and reduced cardiovascular risk held true even when they took the person’s age, weight, smoking status, and other risk factors into account.

Researchalso shows that laughter literally does the heart good, by expanding the linings of blood vessels and boosting blood flow. A fun way to add more joy to your life—and defuse stress--is laughter yoga, an exercise program that combines self-triggered mirth with deep yogic breathing to draw oxygen deeper into the body.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hiking and Event Schedule

Hiking with Heart is leading "Green Commuter Hikes" at the TreePeople Green City Fair on Saturday, May 5th from 9:30am - 11:00am departing every 30 minutes from Wilacre Park

This is a FREE community event! 

Follow this link for directions to the hiking trails: CLICK HERE

Wilacre Park
3431 Fryman Rd.
Studio City, 91604
Parking is $3.
The hike is 30 min., along a hilly, fire road and is for moderate hiking ability. Hiking with Heart will lead hikes to TreePeople on the half hour from 9:30-11.